B-LIFE Silicon resuscitator

B-LIFE Silicon resuscitator


Silicon resuscitator

The new B-life resuscitators are made from very resistant materials, silicon
and polysulphonate, that guarantee exceptional durability. The new form of
the self-expanding resuscitator guarantees great flexibility, re-expansion of
the resuscitator, versatility, ease of use and reliability. The dead space of the
valve is only 8 ml. All of the parts are completely autoclavable. The diameter
of the connection ISO 15/22 mm.
All of the models are supplied with
• transparent patient valve with swivelling connector, self-locking con-
• nection to avoid accidental disconnections, characterised by
• a small dead space
On request they can be supplied with
• easily removed pressure limiting valve
• transparent oxygen reservoir valve, which supplies a higher oxygen
• concentration (up to 97%) and minor oxygen consumption
• disposable reservoir bag for the administration of oxygen
• face mask
• PEEP valve
Available in the following versions:
• adult:for patients over 30 kg
• paediatric: for patients between 7 and 30 kg
• neonatal: for patients under 7 kg
Single packaging in cardboard box printed using a four-coloured process.


Product Description


Resuscitator :                                                     Silicon
Diaphragm valve :                                            Silicon
Reservoir bag :                                                  PVC
Overpressure valve spring :                         Stainless Steel
Non rebreathing valve :                                  Polycarbonate
Suction valve :                                                   Polycarbonate
Nominal voume Resuscit. (ml) :                  500ml
Nominal voume Reservoir (ml) :                  2500ml
Dead space :                                                        7ml
Overpressure valve :                                         40 mbar +/- 5 mbar
Max stroke volume :                                          250ml
Max cycling rate :                                               100 bpm