เปลตัก (Scoop Stretcher)

Scoop Stretcher (Telescopic)
It ’ s a partable, rigidity first-aid stretcher. It’s mainly

used for traffic wounded and special situation. There is a

clutch zip model at the middle of the stretcher, which can

devides the stretcher to the right and the left parts. It

also can be drawn out when putting the patient to the operating

-table or the hospital bed quickly without moving the patient.

According to the patient stature, it can tune up deliberately.

After the patient on stretcher, it can transfer him to the

first-aid car directly. When the stretcher separated to two

parts, it can be folded. So that easy to conserve or carry.

*Effective hooking and unhooking device for the stretcher uncoupling can be put under the patient without removing the patient.
*The shape of stretcher enable the perfect immobilization of the patient during his transport.
*Completely length with automatic lock.
*Open center permits patients to be X-rayed while still in the stretcher.
*Adjustable length with automatic lock.
*Folds in half for easier storage.

Weight: 10.4 Kg


Unfolded size(max):79″x 17-1/4″x17-1/4″ x 2-3/4″(206m x 44cm x 7cm)

Folded size(mix):65-1/2″ x 17-1/4″x 2-3/4″(167cm x 44cm x 9cm)

Folded size:47-1/4″ x17-1/4″x 3-1/8″(120cm x 44cm x 9cm)