CPR Prompt Training Manikins

Made to last, CPR Prompt Professional Training Manikins have been tested to withstand the equivalent of 10,000 student usages. Both manikins feature proper head tilt/chin lift to open the airway, visible chest rise, anatomical landmarks, and an audible compression “clicker” (adult/child, only) to ensure proper technique. Both are lightweight, portable, and require minimal cleaning when used with the single-use face shield/lung bags. Tough yet soft pliable foam construction with DURACOAT™ smooth-skin finish provides a realistic feel. An age selector dial adjusts compression depth for adult/child manikin.

One year warranty

#5544 — Infant & Adult Pack Includes: 5 adult manikins, 2 infant manikins, 50 adult lungs, 20 infant lungs