G3 Universal Kit

Small and Simple organization for your EMS odds and ends

For a simple EMS Bag, the Small Universal Module keeps your random supplies together and quickly accessible.


Product Description

This may look like a simple EMS Bag, but the Small First Aid Universal Kit is a powerful tool in keeping your random supplies zipped together and quickly accessible. The unique foam lined design helps this EMS Bag maintain its shape and keep the inside contents organized, at your fingertips, and protected from the elements. The top side has an easy to open zipper which allows for quick access and ease of use. This small EMS Bag first aid universal kit is a perfect accessory for any of the StatPacks® line of EMS packs. The Universal Module’s interior liner is made of an ANSI Lime Green Fabric that allows you to easily identify the contents within this versatile EMS Pack through the durable urethane outer window. Bright yellow orbit zipper pulls help you quickly identify where the zipper pulls are. The zipper pulls are made of high durability plastic to ensure their effectiveness for years of use.

EMS Bag Product Details:

  • Contents NOT included
  • The unique foam lined design keeps all essential Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage, undue wear, or the elements
  • Specifically designed to stack neatly in StatPacks Generation 3 Emergency Medical Services packs
  • Inside liner fabric made of bright ANSI Lime Green fabric for easier viewing of the contents inside this EMS bag
  • Fits into most EMT Jump Bags available in the market today
  • Transparent and durable urethane outer window allows for quick Emergency Medical Equipment identification
  • Foam lined walls ensure equipment protection from impact and wear
  • This EMS bag can be used as a small standalone supply bag as well as organizing the contents of a larger EMS Backpack
  • A strip of Velcro™ on the bottom side of the bag ensures that it stays where you place it inside any Statpacks or compatible EMT Backpack
  • Available Color: Black
  • Capacity: 300 in3
  • Weight: 7oz