Resusci Anne First Aid/ Trauma Modules

  • All new Resusci Anne manikins can be enhanced with rescue or trauma modules to practice lifesaving first-aid.
    • Weighted, articulated arms and legs with simulated wounds can easlily be attached to the manikin within a few seconds. No tools are needed
    • The arms and legs feature a selection of simulated burns, cuts and fractures
    • Allows you to train according to Life Saving First Aid or Basic Trauma Life Support protocols
    • The wounds may alternatively serve as distracting elements for added realism in CPR Training
    • Limb articulation allows for realistic patient handling and immobilization application of extrication collar
    • Penetrating bleeding wounds with fractured femur (bleeding control leg) allow you to train control of bleeding

    #7182 — Rescue Modules have no wounds