• It took the VitalSim? Vital Signs Simulator to really deliver the vital signs of high-tech simulation.  The VitalSim-capable mainkins and control unit are so portable you can easily take them out of the classroom and into the field for even more realistic practice.  VitalSim puts the life back into simulation for your advanced trauma and medical students.
    • Bloodpressure (MegaCode Kelly Advanced only)
    • Systolic and diastolic may be set individually in steps of 2 mmHg
    • Brachial and radial pulse control, palpated BP function
    • Palpated pulses (MegaCode Kelly Advanced only)
    • Pulses synchronized with ECG
    • Pulses strengths dependent on BP
    • ECG with Synchronized variable rate rhythm, abnormalities, and duration
    • Programmable scenario-based algorithms and waiting rhythms for instructor control
    • Selectable library of heart, lung, and bowel sounds
    • Control unit can be connected to PC using USB cable (included) to upload and run up to 10 programmed scenarios using the PC Scenario Editor
    • Download up to 25 logs for “after action” review/debriefing

    Includes:  Control unit including battery case and batteries (6), remote control including batteries (4), manikin to unit cable, operating device to control unit cable, USB cable for connection to PC, AC adapter, software CD, and carry case