เครื่องตรวจวัดระดับอ็อกซิเจน ในเลือด SmartOX

Pulse Oxymetry

Fast and effective

One of the most vital functions of the human body is providing sufficient oxygen to all its parts. If it is disrupted, there is a danger of respiratory distress and exhaustion. The non-invasive process of pulse oxymetry is used to monitor the oxygen concentration in hemoglobin and thereby the oxygen supply to the body. Because it is non-invasive, pulse oxymetry makes the drawing of blood and related risks completely unnecessary and also requires less medical expertise of the user. Our pulse oxymeter displays arterial oxygen saturation (SaO 2 ), pulse rate and the plethysmogram – quickly and effectively.

This proven 20-year-old process is one of the most important parameters in patient monitoring and is therefore used in anesthesia, intensive care units and emergency medical services.

Pulse oxymetry permits the so-called ”spot check“ and provides an uninterrupted display of the parameter. The quality of the parameter is improved by compensating for movement and other factors which could influence the measurement.

To ensure the best positioning of the sensor on the patient and thereby the best measurement results possible, we offer sensors for all patient groups and for different application locations, including finger, Velcro? and universal Y-shaped sensors.


WM 18000

For routine spot checks in doctors‘ offices, Weinmann offers the new smartOx for immediate delivery. smartOx allows the non-invasive measurement of oxygen saturation in all patients from infants to adults by simply changing the device sensor. This proven technology fits in any lab coat pocket. It is effective, fast and, of course, very precise