MegaCode Kelly, VitalSim capable

  • Advanced:

    • New improved airway allows for insertion of standard airway devices with the addition of the LMA and Combitube
    • 1400+ cardiac rhythms with synchronized pulses allows students to interpret and intervene using defibrillation, pacing, and drug administration
    • Use of clinical monitors, defibrillators, and external pacers for practice of live interventions
    • Instructor-controlled blood pressure arm allows for realistic palpation and auscultation. Systolic and diastolic pressures, ausculatory gap, and volume are variable
    • Allows student assessment of heart, breath and bowel sounds
    • Pupillary assessment of normal, constricted and dilated pupils
    • Intravenous drug administration via IV bolus or drip using the multivenous pediatric IV arm
    • Chest tube insertion can be practiced at the left mid-axillary site, at the 4th and 5th intercostal spaces.
    • VitalSim allows for increased functionality including creating, editing and running of scenarios.
    • Optional accessories such as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC), trauma, and bleeding control modules add realism to the training scenarios
  • BASIC:  VitalSim ECG Capabilities only, updated features

    • ECG, Defib and Pacing are enabled
    • Bilatera carotid pulses are enable
    • BP Arm has been removed
    • Heart, breath and bowel sounds removed
    • Voice sounds have been removed