Resusci Anne SkillReporter

  • The SkillReporter? Resusci? Anne manikin allows instructors to do comprehensive BLS training for Healthcare professionals where the highest levels of competency are desired. The intuitive and compact SkillReporter module has a built-in printer for documenting student performance against standard CPR protocols.
    • Students get real-time feedback via LED display and/or graphical printed output
    • Provides objective statistical report on accuracy in meeting standard CPR intervention protocols
    • Has capability of logging CPR intervention sequence without SkillReporter output unit being connected; this is useful in scenario-based training

    SkillReporter Resusci Anne includes: SkillReporter unit, 1 roll of printer paper, 4 decorated Resusci manikin faces, 3 disposable airways, Carry case, track suit, directions for use and 50 Resusci manikin wipes